I’ve always liked challenges, I like to concretely realize what I imagine, to test my creativity by seeking the right balance between expressive freedom and functionality. The amazement of my customers is the starting point of my projects, meeting even the most difficult of their requests! This is why I created the “plexi collection“, a line of accessories and gift ideas for her, entirely made of plexiglass. I fell in love with this material because it is versatile, contemporary and above all able to adapt perfectly to modern concepts.

Furthermore, it allows you to push your creativeness in the designing phase, guaranteeing the creation of different shapes and surfaces. The Plexi Box, by “Million Shades Of Roses”, suitable for any occasion, is the modern version of a classic bouquet of flowers but with the added value that a Plexi Box is forever. The Plexi Bag, a clutch bag in transparent or colored plexi, is yet another excellent gift idea for her! These are hand-made, one by one, with customized appliques. Moreover, for a further touch of elegance, it is possible even to embed lace, a precious material symbol of femininity and sensuality.