“Federica Ambrosini’s Floral Masterclass” is a special experience unique in its kind: as of today there have been 10 editions in which, together with the attendees, extraordinary luxury events have been produced. Of course by all means the main protagonists of these extraordinary experiences were without doubt the flowers and the scenographic installations that were created with them.

Wedding planners, florists and designers from all over the world have been able to learn, not only the most advanced flower processing techniques but how to conceive and design a luxury event in all its aspects. During the Masterclass, participants will acquire a highly specialized training technique that will enrich them professionally.

Another strong point of this type of format is the networking: it will be possible, in fact, to create relationships with myself and my team, submit questions, examine together the most problematic aspects of our particular type of work world.

We can boast the participation of many among the greatest professionals in the industry, both Italian and international: journalists such as Elle Spose, Oggi Sposi by Tgcom24, White Sposa, Sposi Magazine, Mag Wedding who will personally write about the event.

Wedding planners and professionals in the international sector will bring their testimony in the American and English markets. Therefore, the Masterclass will be a unique opportunity to compete with the planning and realization of a real luxury event, networking and enriching one’s personal baggage of professionalism.

Federica Ambrosini’s last Floral Masterclass was held in Monza, in the wonderful rooms of what is considered to be among the pearls of Italian architecture, the Royal Palace of Monza, last March 26th through 28th 2018.

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